• Help with tablets

    We can help

    with e-books,

    other issues:

    Noon Aug. 6

  • Celebrate Watermelon Day

    Learn to cook

    melon-based stir fry

    and melon gazpacho:

    6 p.m. Aug. 4



  • Make a movie and win!

    First Wimberley

    Film Festival

    Entry Rules Set:

    Come Pick Up

  • Little Free Libraries now 'open'

    One at Community

    Center; another at

    Woodcreek City Hall.

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How Long Does It Take You to Relax When You’re on Vacation? (Borrowed from RealSimple)
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Thursday, July 10, 2014 –1:00 p.m.

Wimberley Village Library, 400 FM 2325, WIMBERLEY TX 78676

This notice is posted pursuant to §551.041 of the Texas Open Meetings Act

(Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. Ch. 551)

1 — Call to order

2 — Public comment

3 — Approval of minutes – meeting of June 12, 2014         

4 — Reports

            a. Friends of the Library        

            b. Library Director     

            c. Board

                        i. Correspondence      

                        ii. Finance       

                        iii. Investment Officer’s quarterly report (postponed until August meeting)

5 — Discussion items (any item may be moved to action items)     

a. Annual service contracts status     

6 — Action items

            a. Elections procedure           

7 — Announcements 

            a. August meeting agenda items  

8 — Adjournment

Note: The Board may meet in closed session on any item listed above

if authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. Ch. 551.