One of the interesting features that comes with a dowloaded/purchased ebook for a Kindle allows highlighting.

I recently bought "The Long Walk" by Brian Castner, a disturbing story about his tours as a bomb-squad leader in the Iraqi war.

Castner builds a great case that he was completely mentally wrecked by what he did for a living, which involved finding roadside and other explosive devices and destroying them while also being shot at and targeted for demise by other destructive forces.

Several passages have been highlighted by other readers, noted electronically instead of with, say, a marker with yellow ink.

I'm not sure I like this.

And I was especially sad to see that the highlighted parts were Castner's most profound and revealing reflections on his condition.

Like this one:

"I'm not just Crazy. I have a broken brain exhausted from fixing itself."

Why sad and disturbing? Because 29 other readers highlighted those two sentences.

Maybe they just liked the phrasing.

But, tragically, I don't think so.