• Exercise in your chair!

    Exercise in your chair!

  • Plan for college!

    Plan for college!

    Learn from
    Kira Holt
    at the library
  • Pay fines with food!

    Pay fines with food!

    Proceeds go
    to food bank
  • Doc night Dec. 5

    Doc night Dec. 5

    Join us for film;
    potluck meal
    starts at 6:45
  • Helping the kids

    Helping the kids

    Why dads should
    read to kids:
    6 p.m. Dec. 18
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    I had a friend in Wichita Falls whose family had a very interesting Thanksgiving/Christmas season...

  • Thanksgiving 1970

    I'd never before cooked a turkey when I volunteered to do just that for two of my roommates in...

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handsonfunTuesdays at 3:30pm 

Tuesday classes are designed for children 5 years and up and are limited in size. Registration for each class will be available two weeks before the class.  Sign-up sheets are at the library. Parents/caretakers are asked to stay on the library premises while their children are attending the program. Please arrive on time to the program. If you are not here by the starting time, your spot may be given away to the next child on the waiting list. Check out our list of programs! 

Some of our 2017 programs included: 


Blue Hole

Learn about our local environment and wildlife through an up-close look at animal tracks!

Amy Jackson of Austin Starry Sky

Amy’s mission is to inspire the next generation of space explorers to learn more about the universe through astronomy!

Master Naturalists

Learn about our local environment through hands-on activities!

Art with Ann Steine

Kids enjoy an art class build self esteem and support creative self-expression. Join us for a class on hand-sewing!

David Womer

Scatology: Mr. Dave will guide you through the specialized study of wildlife poo! Kids love this class!

Dancing Tree

Explore different forms of movement and creative dance!

 Wimberley Science Club

WSC aims to get children excited about science through hands-on experiments and wicked-cool demonstrations! Topic: Dinosaurs!

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