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Students and e-mail

A revelation from Library Journal this week:

Steve Bell writes that a poll on a college campus showed students don't like to use e-mail and some won't use it. Too last century. Too low-tech. Too not texty.

Given the convenience of text-messaging, I'm not surprised.

I'm just perplexed that people, students included, can't be ambidextrous, tech-wise, so to speak.

Bell looks at this as some kind of indication that students also won't take the time and trouble to do in-depth research on projects.

Not sure that's a valid leap to make.

His underlying message, though, seems spot on: communicating at every level requires very simple systems.


0 #1 carolyn 2013-10-14 13:09
As far as Parker is concerned, Bell is correct. Email is a dinosaur. What this age group doesn't know, though, is that email is used as one of the main ways of communication in business.

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