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In this week's New Yorker magazine, Evgeny Morozov has an essay entitled "Only Disconnect: Two cheers for boredom."

In it, he complains about the urgency of now, the imperative to be constantly connected to everything in the world around us, thanks to Twitter, smart phones, etc.

The antidote, he suggests, is to be unplugged and bored.

I would add this: Seeking quiet? Come to the library. We have a quiet zone.

But, even in that space, if you really want quiet, leave your phone, laptop and tablet at home.

Then, pick up a book and connect with just one other person, an author.


0 #1 linda anderson 2013-10-26 17:28
"unplugged and bored"? Hmmm. To me, Twitter, smart phones, etc are not worth a plugged nickle.
A standard nickle is worth five cents. A plugged nickel is worthless.
A standard nickle is not "unplugged", it was never plugged. I submit that a standard person is not plugged, and not bored. Too bad for Mr. Morozov if the standard is not an option for him. I can plug in if I want, but gee. . . that's so boring.

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