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Libraries and voter support

In Connecticut, Tolland voters approved a bond issue to pay for a library during last week's balloting.

In Idaho, North Bingham County voters turned down a bond issue for a library for the third time.

In Iowa, Hiawatha Public Library's proposal for a tax levy increase was turned down.

In Wayne County, Mich., three cities passed tax levy increases for libraries.

In New Jersey, another library bond failure.

In Round Rock, Texas, voters approved $23.2 million for a bond issue for libraries.

And so it went, all around the country on election day.

I have looked at the results and really find no obvious pattern. But, I also did not look at the economic circumstances in each of the dozens of cities and townships that voted on library matters. For example, I'd reckon that voters in Detroit would not be likely to approve bonds for a library.

One thing the results say, though, is that a substantial number of people were perfectly willing to increase their own taxes to keep libraries afloat and/or to build new ones.

And that's very good news.

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