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New email addresses at library

By the end of today all of us at the library will have new email addresses.

Until now, we have some staff members with one email suffix, and other staffers with a different one. We are all going to have the same suffix. It will be wimberleylibrary.org.

Carolyn Manning, our library director, will have an email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

My prefix will be circ. Linda Eagleton's prefix will be reference. Emily Robertson's will be youth. Kristina Minor will have youngadult. Sarah Davis will have circ2. Nori Larson will have onsiteit. Kathleen Goodson will have programs. And Deanna Crow will have bookkeeping.

For awhile, both the old and the new addresses will be in use, but the old address will sooner than later go away.

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