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'The Hit' of 2013

The most-checked-out book in our library last year was Baldacci's "The Hit."

Patrons checked it out 39 times.

But, "Second Honeymoon" by "Patterson" (or whomever writes his stuff these days) was a close No. 2 with 34 check-outs.

"Never Go Back" by Childs was No.3  with 28. No. 4 was "Hidden Order" by Thor. And No. 5 was a tie between "Inferno" by Brown and ""Silken Prey" by Sandford with 26 each.

All the top 5 were works of fiction.

Two books tied for No. 1 on the non-fiction side of the house. They were "Girls of Atomic City" by Kiernan and "Salt Lick Cookbook" by Roberts. Both were checked out 15 times.

The number of times a book is checked out may or may not be an indicator of its popularity in a given year.

Take "Sycamore Row" by Grisham, for example. The book was not available all 12 months.

And the number of check-outs also depend on the actual number of books that are available to patrons. We might have four or five of really popular works and only one of others from less well-known authors.

Still kind of interesting.

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