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H-E-B decision should help us

Prior to the City Council decision Thursday night on H-E-B's plan to open a store here, the library district took no official position on the matter.

Now that it is a done deal, it is safe to say that the district, which depends for income on sales tax revenue, will certainly benefit from the opening of a store right next door.

It's predictable that H-E-B will generate more revenue than our existing grocery store because so many people go to Dripping Springs or San Marcos to shop at the H-E-Bs there. It is also likely that when people go into DS and SM right now to shop H-E-B they also go other places. If they don't go to DS or SM, they might do more local shopping. That would also generate more sales tax revenue.

I understand that H-E-B will let some of our overflow park in their lot next to a brick fence they plan to erect between us and them. They plan a walk-through connecting us with them.

It's my opinion, and I don't speak for anyone else here at the library, that this is a good thing for Wimberley and our surrounding area.


0 #1 Linda 2014-02-12 03:29
Don't count on much sales tax from the HEB. While people will probably buy some taxable merchandise from the HEB, it will probably be just reallocated from other local retailers, and groceries are tax-exempt. The hardware store is the largest source of sales tax funds in the village. I foresee that the most salient benefit for the village is employment opportunities, unless it forces the closure of other local employers/retai lers, such as pharmacies, convenience stores, gas stations, and yes, one of the current largest employers in town, that other grocery store. Let's hope the benefits for the village materialize.

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