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Yet another mystery

In a given week, we probably check out several dozen CD books.

A lot of them go to people who live here but commute to Austin, I'm guessing.

Awhile back one of our volunteers was preparing to take off for a summer of travel in his motor home, and I asked him if he listened to CD books while he drove across America.

No, he said, they were too distracting, and he did not feel comfortable getting mentally lost in a book while driving such a mammoth vehicle.

At the time, I correlated that thought to the problem presented by cell-phone use while driving. Your attention is almost completely drawn to the act of communicating on a cell phone, so you don't pay attention to where you're going.

But, I'm not so sure the correlation works out because so many people do listen to CD books and don't seem to have a problem.

Perhaps there are two (maybe more) kinds of people -- those who can drive and listen to a CD book and those who can't. I do think, though, that when it comes to using a cell phone while driving there is one kind of people -- those who cannot do both at the same time successfully.


0 #1 linda 2014-03-06 01:03
I am one of those who listened to audiobooks while commuting to Austin. Since much of the commute was at very low speeds (Veeeeeeeeerrry low speeds) or even at a complete stop until getting past Oak Hill, hey, no worries! I did, however, turn off the audiobook when the situation became challenging. I found that the stories helped a great deal to ease the feeling of wasting time on the commute, and thought that it might have been a great help to some of my fellow commuters, who sometimes turned an alarming shade of purple when it took more than 3 cycles of the traffic signal to get through an intersection.

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