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Obvious results

More than 3,000 children's books were published in this country last year, according to a report in The New York Times on Sunday.

Of those, only 93 (!) were about black people.

And another 58 (!!) were about Hispanics.

That's just stunning, isn't it?

Years and years ago, women began making the case for a change in the way media of all kinds depicted the possible things girls might become other than nurses and mothers.

Their argument was solid and sound: People need narratives to help define who they are and where they can go. They need road maps.

Books, movies, plays, songs, all these help not only set the stage but also people it with actors that are role models.

Perhaps it's the case that every little black boy and little black girl will benefit so enormously from just one of those 93 books that no more are necessary.

But, I doubt it.

The two Times stories about this situation don't tell us why so few children's books are about blacks and Hispanics.

I'm sure the reasons are many. Just like the excuses.


0 #1 amy 2014-03-24 11:09
The reason is that African American and Hispanic groups as a whole do not prioritize reading, education and literature. Before you gasp in horror at that realize that it is just the truth. The REASON why they don't is the real issue. Many children's books are about animals. And because white people are the ones writing the books they write about the culture that they come from. There are multiple houses and requests from houses for ethnic writing. I encourage Latino and Af. Amer. people to start writing children's books and come from their unique and enlightening perspective. I went to two major children's book writers conferences and most everybody was a white female. So that's why most of the books are written using white kids. But an overwhelming number of kids books are about animals.

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