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You'd imagine ... but ...

These days if I'm doing research on just about any topic, I'm going to Google first thing.

So, I have been spending a lot of time trying to learn about my great-grandparents, one set of whom came to Texas from Alabama and another set of whom came from Georgia, all of them moving here after the Civil War.

I know both my great-grandfathers fought for the South. They were privates in the infantry.

And they both landed in the 1870s in Hopkins County northeast of Dallas.

I have had quite a bit of succecss finding out about my great-grandfather Wilson because he rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest, and much has been written about his Civil War adventures.

But, the unit my great-grandfather Boswell served in, the 40th Georgia Infantry Regiment, is more obscure. At least that's case as far as Google is concerned.

Yikes! I've become so used to a Google crutch, I fear I've forgotten how to do real research.

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