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STEM and diversity

I read more and more laments lately about how few women and people of color are going into STEM fields. So much evidence has been compiled, I believe that we have a problem.

And it's a problem that can be solved right about in the same place where the Apollo 13 problem was solved. That's right: Houston.

Yesterday I attended the ceremonies marking my daughter's graduation from the University of Houston Clear Lake, which is just around the bend from Space Center Houston.

About 280 people graduated, and I'd say about half of them were getting degrees in computer science. Another half of those were getting master's degrees in computer science.

I did not do a count, but I would say that of all those 140 or so graduates, about half were women and fully 75 percent were people of color -- Hipanics, Indians, Pakistanis, African-Americans. It was truly gratifying to see.

I'm sure the picture was not the same at the Texas A&M graduation ceremonies and probably even the University of Texas ceremonies. Both universities are way too white and male.


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