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Two-week checkout

It's sad but true: For works by certain authors, we can have a waiting list to check out as long as 20 and more patrons.

If each patron keeps that popular book for the maximum allowed checkout time of three weeks, you can see that those who are late to the list could wait more than a year to get the item to read.

Of course, we try to buy several copies of the most popular authors' works, but that can help only so much.

So, beginning pretty soon we will go to two-week, rather than three-week, checkout for our most popular writers.

That would be people like Baldacci, Burke, Clark, Coben, Cussler, Evanovich, Grisham, Patterson, Sandford, etc.

As new works are published by these writers, the checkout time will be shortened.

In reality, though, we have a lot of very considerate patrons who hustle through wildly popular works because they know a long line of people are waiting, too.

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