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Time to come clean

Being a United States senator does not require one to be ethically and morally upright, as we all know.

But, gosh, you expect your Army colonel to be so.

Maybe not more run-of-the-mill officers (like those below-field-grade folks in the Air Force nuclear missile service who cheated on exams), but a COLONEL.

Here, though, we have one John Walsh, a colonel and a U.S. senator, who stands accused of plagiarizing a key paper leading up to his getting a master's degree from the Army War College in 2007.

The good senator from Montana has been found to have stolen a significant amount of this paper, including ALL the recommendations, which were swiped wholesale from four scholars' earlier published work.

The War College is "investigating" and the senator is dissimilating. Holy mackeral, he says, it was probably the result of PTSD he suffered by serving in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, where one assumes, he was NOT a lowly infantry grunt but a guy with a cushy, no doubt traumatizing, desk job.

It should not take the Army more than a couple of hours to figure this out. Everyone else has.

The senator is standing for election. Time to give him the dusty old boot.

Plagiarism is fraud, pure and simple.

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