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Just FYI

I guess we at public libraries take it for granted that everyone knows what kinds of services we offer.

A U.S. News blogger reminds us that's not necessarily true.

The blogger's entry lists 15 things you might not know you can get at your library. Things like shop tools at some libraries, and tickets to free community programs at others (like ours).

So some of the services are esoteric or site specific. Others are generally offered by every library. We have trained staff to help patrons search for information, not just in our library but across the world. We also help you with technology questions, and we have classes for specific types of lessons. At our website, you can find all kinds of courses to improve your skills and your life, as well as really good advice on things like resume-building and job-hunting.

I invite you to spend a few minutes looking at things other than this blog at our site, but also come on in and see what else we can help you do.

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