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Amazon unfair

Hachette is a big publisher of books.

Amazon is bigger. Way bigger.

And Amazon always seems to play to win.

So a fight that started off pretty nasty has taken a new and even nastier turn. To force Hachette to do what Amazon wants, the Internet sales giant has essentially boycotted Hachette's authors, a great many of them very famous.

In an unusual two-page advertising spread appearing on pages 8 and 9 in the first section of the New York Times Sunday editions, several hundred writers take Amazon to task for holding their heads under want to try to force Hachette to see things Amazon's way.

What Amazon has been doing to bully Hachette has been just plain old downright unfair and underhanded to boot.

Jeff Bezos: Come down off your high horse and deal with Hachette like a responsible businessman, not a bully.

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