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What's not to like ...

I had not thought to catalog books quite in the manner used by Jamie Canaves over at the Book Riot website.
I want to step gingerly around this subject for fear of setting her off in another direction, which is not at all what I intend. I do not want to be even collateral damage.
So, I offer her newest list of must-read books with no comment other than her own introduction.
The title of her piece is "100 Must-Read Books With Unlikeable Women."
I am not sure who must read these books.
I will not.
Here's what she has to say about them:
"Sometimes it honestly feels like a woman is unlikable just for breathing, which is why I welcome with open arms all the unlikable women flooding into publishing. They refuse to be boxed into the idea of what girls, women, mothers, sisters, and girlfriends should be. They refuse to smile through their problems, to not be a burden, to make the right decisions, to play nice. They are human. They are hot messes. They have mental illnesses, are addicts, are aggressive, violent, complicated, and flawed. They are many times products of abuse and/or gaslighting. Sometimes they are killers. Sometimes they are just unlikable. Many times I love them. I learn from them. They always remind me we are not a monolith. We are allowed to be flawed. If it’s not a man’s job to be liked it is not a woman’s."
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