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New neighbors

The big news in this part of Wimberley these days is our new neighbor.
It's a red food truck that has signs saying it specializes in Cajun, Texan and Asian food.
The truck's been open for about 10 days after that property right across from the library on RR 2325 was  cleared of everything but a home foundation.
And just about every time I've looked out or been by there, the proprietors have had a "Sold Out" sign out front.
Business must be good.
Goodness knows we can use some good food alternatives in Wimberley. We have a new food truck over on RR 12 across from Ace Hardware. I haven't tried that one. And someone has opened a cafeteria in the gas station down by the funeral home.
The other day the taco shop inside the Shamrock Station on RR12 was closed. I hope that's not permanent, and I hope that's not because of new immigration crackdowns, although I guess it could be.
So, change is happening here in this small town in the Hill Country.
Come check it out.
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