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Out in front

It's good to know that the Wimberley Village Library is out there on the cutting edge in terms of library innovation.
Brookings has published a report on how libraries are changing to meet new demands from their communities.
We seem to fit into the category of libraries that are pushing the envelope, so to speak, to not only provide traditional services but others, as well.
For example, just check out all the programs we are offering in April alone. There's something for everyone.
Here's what the Brookings report had to say about libraries. See if you don't see us fitting into the group of early innovators.

A reason public libraries are seen as such important third-place institutions is that they and their librarians have gradually taken on other functions well beyond lending out books. In many communities, librarians are also ad hoc social workers and navigators. They help local people figure out the complexities of life, from navigating the health system to helping those with housing needs. This “go-to” role has influenced library programming and events, with libraries providing advice and connections to health, housing, literacy, and other areas.

Other sectors, such as health care, increasingly see public libraries as a critical link to a community.
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