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Ours are just fine

Most libraries across America charge fines for materials that are returned after the due date. We certainly do. And most of those charges are not what I would call burdensome by any measure. The fine situation was examined in a national survey conducted by Library Journal, the results of which were published earlier this week. The survey found that the median fine for adult printed material was 15 cents. The maximum daily fine was $5. I don't know what library is charging that kind of fee, but it's not in this part of the country, I'm sure. The median fine for late movies is $1 per day, with the maximum set somewhere at $6. Where do we fit? We're right there. We charge 10 cents per day for books returned late and $1 per day for movies returned late. We actually don't get many complaints about our fine structure. A guy came in not long ago asking if we were trying to raise money for something because he had kept some movies out for several days beyond the due date. The idea, I told him, was not to raise money but to keep the due date at the forefront of his mind so we could get the materials back to distribute to other folks waiting for them.
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