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Winners all

We have just been notified that the community project made manifest by the publication of the book called "Wimberley: Epic Flood Tests a Small Town's Strength" has won the Mary Faye Barnes Award for Excellence in Community Projects from the Texas Oral History Association.
Everyone should be most proud of this recognition because it truly was a community project.
The City Council of Wimberley provided grant funding to get the idea off the drawing board and into reality. The library district's board of trustees tossed in some cash as well. Then several folks in town, including Nancy Williams and Stephen Klepfer, got to work with me and other staffers to get the interviews done, transcribed and out as a book.
We still have about 400 books available at the library and at the Old Mill Store. They are just $20 apiece, which means there's no profit in the sale of them. But, if we have any money left over after all is said and done, that will be given to a local charity to give to those in need.
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