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Rewriting reality

The revision of science so that it fits certain political ideologies is under way, and it sets a bad precedent for, among many others, libraries.
The Washington Post reported over the weekend that the EPA's websites are being revised to do away with mention of man's effects on climate change, a perfect alignment with the belief system espoused by the EPA's new director, Scott Pruitt.
Other changes are also being made to bring the data posted around to his viewpoints.
This could very well be Step 1 in the process of rewriting reality to fit preconceived ends for political purposes.
The revision of textooks in Texas so they contain or eliminate "facts" that don't make some folks uncomfortable is a longstanding tradition in this state, so maybe having the same thing happen to websites is no big deal.
But if we allow this impulse to play out, a subsequent step could well be this: keeping books out of libraries that address similar threatening subjects.
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