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They were prescient

Turns out that a lot of people in the scientific and technological fields were way ahead of the rest of us last year when they started archiving databases and websites that contained key information about cutting edge knowledge in various fields.
Out of Canada, for one place, they began the task of saving what we know from the people who don't want us to know it.
To quote from their own website:
"The Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI) is an international network of academics and non-profits addressing potential threats to federal environmental and energy policy, and to the scientific research infrastructure built to investigate, inform, and enforce. Dismantling this infrastructure — which ranges from databases to satellites to models for climate, air, and water — could imperil the public’s right to know, the United States’ standing as a scientific leader, corporate accountability, and environmental protection."
New partners are signing on especially after the EPA began deleting information about climate change from its website under the new EPA secretary, a former lawmaker from Oklahoma with ties to the oil industry.
If the Luddites are going to be in charge of things, those of us who value knowledge must do something besides stand by.
Thank goodness there were people moving ahead of the game on this problem.
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