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Periodically interested

We have a rack just outside the backdoor of the library where we leave old magazines that have either been dropped off for us to recycle or have aged out from our periodical shelves inside.
Within days after putting magazines out there, they are gone. Today, we put out a year's worth of Motor Trend magazines, and I daresay they will have been picked up by the end of tomorrow if not sooner.
I noticed a little while ago that someone has dropped off some Air Force magazines from the year 2000. They may stay out there longer.
We just never have to throw magazines away; they all disappear.
Inside the library it is very hard to keep track of which magazines are most popular and which ones don't get looked at at all.
Do you have a favorite or two you'd hate to see us cancel? Let me know because several are up for subscription renewals and we want to keep only what people will read and use.
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