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Math the easy way

You can imagine how excited I was several years ago when I heard that an Israeli team had found that you could learn math while unconscious.
Trying to learn math while utterly awake and on point had certainly never worked for me.
How much I would have loved to just smoke a joint, say, or take a sleeping pill and have math mysteriously yet effectively organize itself in my brain. Then, I would have been just nearly perfect!
The announcement awhile ago was a little late for me to try to learn math unconsciously, but I thought it might be a breakthrough for others like me who were math-averse or math-a-phobic or disabled mathwise.
Alas, it was not to be.
Retraction Watch bloggers posted yesterday that the Israeli study has been debunked numerous times over the years. Nobody could replicate the study and get the same results.
Which means that it all adds up to a number with which I'm very familiar: Zero.
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