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Adios to photo mag

I learned just today that Popular Photography magazine is no longer.
It ceased publicatoin after its March/April edition went into the mail and on the shelves.
I guess I'm surprised it lasted all of 80-something years. Recent developments in mass photography have not been good to or for what I'd call for lack of a better word "quality" photography. When you can easily take thousands of images in a few moments with a phone, and they are not really bad, you don't need advice from anyone. Just post them and move on. And if you want one that's really good, surely one of the thousands will be beyond just OK.
I learned to be a professional photographer on a large-format camera that basically shot black-and-white TriX film for a semi-weekly newspaper. I never shot color for a newspaper in my career, but I did supervise a lot of color photographers and I supervised the move from film to digital back when digital news cameras cost $25,000 and could only be purchased from the Associated Press if you wanted that kind of price.
I don't lament the good old days, though. What's gone is gone and it'll never come back, just like Popular Photography is gone.
The new way of shooting may not be as good as the old, but it's certainly cheaper and more accessible. Maybe that's a good thing; maybe not.
It's sure made it a whole lot harder to find places to hide.
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