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How to do the Bee

It may be hard for kids to do very well in a spelling bee.
For adults, it's even harder.
We are now planning our third Adult Spelling Bee, which will be staged in the mid-fall. And, we'll be making some changes so that the folks who participate have even more fun this year.
One thing we want to do is make sure everyone understands how to prepare for the Bee since most of us adults have not been practicing spelling in a formal setting for quite some time.
The New York Times' special kids issue last Sunday had some helpful hints. One was to practice spelling, of course. Another was to look at the practice word list that the Scripps National Spelling Bee posts, NOT to memorize the words, but to understand how word origins work. The practice list is brokekn down by language influences, with the idea that words from Latin, say, are pretty similar in construction after incorporated into conversational English.
There's been some misunderstanding about this advance word list in the past. People tried to memorize the list, thinking only the words on the list would be in the Bee, and that's not been the case and won't be the case in the future.
For most adults, then, the Bee will be a crapshoot based on how many words they know in a rote fashion and how many they can figure out from what they know about languages.
It's all supposed to be in fun, anyway, and we'll try to keep it that way.
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