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I had no idea there was a thing such as a World Memory Championship tournament.
There is.
And the people who compete are a) pretty good at recall; and/or b) adept at using memory tricks. Or maybe both.
Imagine being able to look at 72 words and then recalling each of them 20 minutes later.
I don't know how many words the winners of the WMC tournament can recall, but I'm impressed by a recall of 70 out of 72.
It turns out that I might be able to do something approaching that even though my brain is, well, on the aging side of things.
Research reported in Science News in April found that training could help with memory retention -- by a good amount.
One memory trick researchers found was effective was called the "loci method." You associate what you want to remember with something you can remember, like the route from your bedroom to the curb out your front door. The first thing to recall might be put in your closet to be "found" later. The next thing might go in your bathroom, the next in the shower stall, the next in the front hallway, and so on.
The idea sounds solid, and obviously it works.
But, there's something to be said for a little book you keep in your pocket with a pencil so you can keep lists and make notes and free up your brain for other stuff.
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