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To become famous!

Monalisa Perez, age 19, and her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, remind me of the kids back when "Superman" came out on TV who quickly came to believe they, too, could fly and so they put a bath towel around their necks and jumped from their housetops. They dropped like buckets of rocks falling into a well.
Perez and Ruiz somehow convinced themselves that being on the internet was so important that they were invincible.
So, as a trick, they took a pistol and a book and Ruiz held the book up in front of his chest and Perez shot him.
The bullet went into his chest and killed him.
This might have worked if the pistol had been a .22.
Instead, it was a .50-caliber.
A tragic story about magical thinking that not even an author of fantasy could dream up.
(Information for this is from The New York Times of today.)
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