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Originality counts

Years and years ago when I was editor of a small newspaper in the Panhandle someone who was not a resident of my town ormy county contacted me and told me he had proof that the new superintendent of schools in his town had a bogus doctorate from a diploma mill. This fellow also had a copy of the superintendent's plagiarlized doctoral dissertation.
The newspaper in his county, which neighbored my own, wouldn't publish the story. Would I?
Of course.
Regardless of the squishy and moveable standars for such things today, I still believe plagiarism is a sin against scholarship and should be punished severely.
Cut-and-paste technologies and access to an infinite supply of materials has apparently made plagiarism easier than ever. That doesn't make it right.
The most recent spate of plagiarism reminded me of that long-ago school superintendent. In the present case, it appears that quite a number of public school principles are plagiarising letters of acceptance or something of the sort. And they are losing their jobs. Rightfully so.
ABC FOX News in Montana did a little sniffing around and discovered the evidence of widespread cheating on these letters.
Still, this is truly only the small tip of a huge iceberg. I subscribe to a daily blog called "Retraction Watch," and every single day it includes notes about the misuse of images, the appropriation of facts, just out-and-out bad behavior by people who know better but don't care.
This is far beyond mere fake news. This is fakery everywhere.
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