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Serendipity poems

How is this for a nice little poem:
There you'll find me
Push, crash, tumble & fall
When morning comes
Carry on
Love, Star Girl
It may not be Robert Frost, but it does sound nice. And it is just kind of a random sequencing of words that make sense in context even if they don't when taken apart.
Actually, each line is a title of a YA book. And the books are stacked on top of one another to form a title-poem, with each title contributing something to the whole.
Kristina Minor, our librarian for young adults, found out about doing this through a course she is taking at LSU, and she and young patrons are putting works together, one on top of another, to delineate a piece of poetry that is purely serendipitous.
Come by and check these out. And then build your own.
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