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Another wrong turn

Utah's legislature is about to pass a law that makes libraries in that state block porn in their wi-fi.
At first blush, that sounds like an OK plan.
Not so when you think about it.
First: Parents have the responsibility for teaching their kids about good and bad, what to watch and not to watch, what to read and not to read, what to access and not to access. Let's not facilitate bad parental behavior.
Second: Wi-fi hookups are a dime a dozen. Kids intent on downloading porn can do so just about anywhere. Libraries are an easy target, but the wrong one. Kids in Wimberley don't come to the library to download stuff off the internet.
Third: This does nothing, but gives legislators something to crow about back home.
Fourth: This does start us down a slippery slope. After all, what is porn? A Supreme Court justice famously admitted he couldn't define pornography, but knew it when he saw it. Community standards typically set the bar. Which community? For whose wi-fi?
This country needs to stifle the impulse to censor. That path leads to the imposition of governmental rules and regulations that may not serve any purpose other than the self-aggrandizement of the powerful.

Books for the times

A young lady came in last week and checked out our copy of one volume containing two books, "1984" and "Animal Farm."
Perhaps that was coincidental, given the national upsurge in interest in the former.
I don't think so.
No one, to my knowledge, has asked for "It Could Happen Here." Or, "Fahrenheit 451."
We have the latter.
As of today, we have a tattered copy of another dystopian classic, "A Cantlcle for Leibowitz" by Walter Miller Jr. But, not for long. I may take it home and read it again. I don't have to check it out; it was donated.
There are books every library should have. The five I mention here are among them.

Great books for kids

One of the challenges for a children's librarian is picking and choosing what to add to the library collection and what must go to make room for the new items.
In our library, we have a relatively small room for children's books, and many people have strong preferences for what they want to see on the shelves. We would never get rid of Harry Potter or Dr. Seuss, for example. But we also want to add new works that could have great and lasting appeal, as well.
And there are a lot of new, good children's books being published today. Consider this list of award winners announced just this morning.

Have ideas?

The library board is beginning to talk about the possible expansion of the library.
So, we're talking among ourselves about which program areas and collections need to grow because of the increase in demand for services or because we anticipate an increase.
We have a committee from the community that's looking into this, and we've already visited some area libraries for ideas.
But, we'd like your ideas, too.
Please think about this and then send me your thoughts to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check it out

Now, more than ever, it's important for citizens to be aware of all the disinformation that's out there on the internet.
"Fake news" is a new term for an old problem: propaganda, mainly.
Joseph Goebels was a champ at the Big Lie and the creation of false realities. He was successful; check out Hitler's Germany and the war on Jews.
No one today is quite that successful. But, they're giving it a good shot.
That's why we put together the Fake News check-it-out guide below this blog on our web page.
There you will find a variety of resources to make sure you aren't fooled by people selling today's Big Lies.
If you decide to go to just one place, bookmark PolitiFact.com.
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