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I do read reviews

Amazon has no choice but to go after people who are paid to post bogus product reviews with all the force possible.

These people, some of whom make as much as $5 a review, deserve to be cut off at the knees.

One of the things that makes Amazon such a distinctively good place to shop is the reviews. I read them all the time when I'm thinking about buying something I'm not familiar with.

On the other hand, I would never trust a review posted by a retailer or distributor of a product or service. They have a vested interest in having nothing but wonderful things said about them.

Go, Amazon. Keep 'em honest.

Prettyfying the place

The prettification project here at the library continues now that fall has (sorta) arrived.

Thanks to grants from Lowe's and Keep America Beautiful, our volunteers are doing more and more planting and watering.

Last week, we had help from Master Naturalists, the Wimberley Garden Cliub and Keep Wimberley Beautiful. Peggy Wilfong's gardening class at KAPS also came by to do some planting, and they are also watering.

The deer are finding some of these to be delicious offerings, but for the most part the plants are being left alone.

By the way, the library is looking for a landscape maintenance employee. We have packets describing the job.

Getting a makeover

Come by the front of the library at the end of next week, and you may not recognize the place.

Thanks to grants from Lowe's and Keep America Beautiful, volunteers are digging out old and dead foliage and planting all-new, native Texas flowers, trees and other green growing things.

They started the clean-out last week, and now the new plants have been purchased and are ready to go into the ground.

Volunteers from the Garden Club, Master Naturalists and Keep America Beautiful will be.

Thanks to them for all their hard work.

Moving forward

Drive by our front entrance today, and you'll see that our master naturalists have really been at work to beautify the place.

There is a fence around our Bootiful Wimberley boot now, and flowers inside that enclosure, really fancying up the entry.

More is coming this week, thanks to the grant from Lowe's and Keep America Beautiful.


About immigration

We've been conducting informal and utterly useless polls on our website for about a year now.

Most of them don't get a lot of response. But, the most recent survey about immigration did hit a nerve.

We had dozens of responses.

The most were in agreement with these statements: U.S. businesses that employ illegal residents should be fined heavily; and, There should be a real and workable path toi citizenship for immigrants now in this country. Just slightly fewer agreed with this: Elected officials who employ illegal residents should lose their positions. A just a few less agreed with this: All people in this country illegally should be sent back to where they came from.

So, this is a hot-button issue here, just as it seems to be everywhere else in America during this campaign season.

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