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Bee-ing winners

Congratulations to the team members who won today's Third Annual Adult Spelling Bee sponsored by the Friends of the Library.
The team was sponsored by the board of trustees of the library.
They were Bridget Gates, Amber Seamons and Leah D. Smith.
These folks didn't know each other before meeting over lunch today. So that makes their accomplishment in the ninth round of spelling pretty remarkable. They had no chance to study together.
Many thanks to all the Friends and others who worked to make the event a success, and particular thanks to Debi Christensen, our pronouncer, and to Bob Flocke, one of our judges.
See ya'll next year.

Bee there!

Our annual Adult Spelling Bee is at noon Friday, and ya'll are invited.
The proceeds from the bee benefit the library.
We welcome all spectators
Lunch is $12, but the spectacle is the bee itself, featuring Wimberley's best spellers in a spelldown patterned after the National Spelling Bee sponsored by the Scripps Foundation.
Many thanks to all who come and participate or those who come and just have fun!

See that button up there?

Maybe you've seen the red button on the top righthand side of our home page.
It says, simply, Donate.
We'd like to make clear that when you click on that button you have the opportunity to donate money for the expansion project of the library. That button is not for donations for the continuing operations of the library.
I've had some inquiries about that, so that's a clarification.
Now for some information for those who might want to make one-time gifts for our building fund: You can make checks payable to "Wimberley Village Library Foundation." That assures that your gift is tax exempt, and puts it in the right bucket here.
Thanks for any help you can muster!

New services?

The library is considering adding a couple of programs, and we'd like to have your input.
One new service would allow library patrons to stream videos -- movies and documentaries alike. This service would be free, but would require you to have a pretty fast Internet download speed.
Another new service might actually give you that faster download speed because we would loan out Internet hotspots. The loan period would be limited, but we haven't determined how long that would be. In fact, this particular service is still in the talking phase.
So, what do you think? Would you like to see movies and documentaries free via a library service? Could you use an Internet hotspot (I know this seems like the wrong venue to ask that question, but ...)?
Let me know by calling 512-847-2188.

Spotting fake news

Right below this space you will find some links to places where you can check out news or stories you think might be fake or less than true.
We're among the few libraries that have taken the initiative to put this kind of information together. That's too bad.
But, it's also too bad that so few educational institutions seem to be making even this minimal amount of effort.
Time magazine reported on the fake news problem in last week's editions. Along with their lamentation about the phenomenon, they looked at some solutions.
They quote Peter Burger of Leiden University in The Netherlands as suggesting that at the most basic level, fundamental addtions have to be made to school curricula to teach kids how to spot fake news and how to deal with hoaxes.
Unfortunately, that is a longterm solution, if it is one at all.
For everyone else, you just have to keep your guard up.
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