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Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule

by Jennifer ChiaveriniProduct Details

Review by Polly Kotarba:

If you are a Civil War buff like me, you will truly enjoy this book and be motivated to read more books in this series. This book follows a familiar pattern established by the author. It is written from the female viewpoint during a time period when  women could not vote and had little to say about their destiny.

Cokie Roberts gave a speech at the Texas Library Association convention in April in which she particularly mentioned the influence of Julia Grant and Varina Davis during Civil War times. We have this in common!

I particularly loved the story of Mrs. Grant and her husband, "Ulys," because their marriage endured despite huge personality differences.

Madame Jule was Mrs. Grant's former slave and her story is also mesmerizing. My biggest regret was that I expected Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule to be reunited in a grand finale. That did not happen, which was disappointing to me personally but probably lends authenticity to the narrative.


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