ROI for the library

It's not exactly BIG DATA, but we do keep track via computer of every kind of statistic you can imagine having to do with the library and its use.

Director Carolyn Manning just pulled together the information for 2015, and the numbers are interesting.

For example, our patrons got a 625% return on their investment when you consider how much sales tax went into our operations and how much that tax money bought.

We checked out more than 10,000 nonfiction books and nearly 21,000 works of fiction. If you had been forced to buy those at retail, you would have paid a grand total of about $1 million.

Our most circulated items are children's books and DVDs. If you'd bought all of those items that we checked out to you for free, you would have paid north of $1.2 million.

I think we undervalue the programs we offer. For example, we say that $75 is the value for use of our multi-purpose room. But, check out what that room would cost you anywhere else in town -- and, by the way, there aren't many rooms like it in Wimberley.

Bottom line: the total value of our services last year was a conservative $3.1 million.

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