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One of our volunteers sells a lot of books on Amazon. She's very professional about what she does. And she offered recently to sell the book about the May 23, 2015, flood at Amazon just to see if there was any interest out there.
I'm happy to say that the first flood book she listed has now sold. Others, of course, are available.
Be aware, though, that there are two selling intiatives under way at Amazon. The one I'm talking about sells the book for $26.95. The other is trying to sell the book for $45. The lower figure is the best figure because you can buy the book from us for $20. We don't mail oiut copies. If we did, it would probably cost us close to $6.95 to do so. Obviously, someone is making a lot of money off the sale of a book that costs $20 for $45.
I'm not saying you shouldn't buy that $45 version. I'm just saying there is a much cheaper and more realistic option.
Or ...
You can come to Market Day next Saturday in Wimberley, and buy the book in person for a flat $20. I'll be there selling and signing the book.
So, stop by!
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