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A day for a stamp

Among the hundreds of books my wife and I read to our children when they were very young was "The Snow Day" by Ezra Keats.
It was a cute book, and it was about snow, one of my girls' favorite things where we lived up there in the Texas Panhandle.
A lot of folks must have loved that book as much as the girls did because this week the U.S. Postal Service is issuing four stamps featuring that very book. The stamps will be part of the postal service's Forever series.
This is not, of course, the first time a book has been featured on a postage stamp. James Hutchisson has a website at The Citadel that showcases hundreds of stamps over the years featuring famous authors like Shakespeare and C.S. Lewis, etc., and so on. Stamps about books issued in Great Britain are numerous, but there have also been book-themed stamps from Nicaragua and Antigua, to name just two other places.
For some interesting insight on these kinds of stamps, check out this website.
The announcement about "The Snowy Day" was kind of a surprise to me even though it seems to make historical sense, given the fact it was published in 1962.
It surprised me because until I read about this new stamp I didn't realize the little boy in the book was black.
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