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It's about time

Maybe there's time for this new initiative by the Knight Foundation to work before our democracy implodes from the weight of misinformation and lies.
The foundation announced this week a partnership with a number of entities, the most prominent being the New York Public Library, to foster trust in media in this country.
Millions of dollars are being poured into the new plan, which will include media institutions at all levels and of all sizes and many others with a stake in The Truth.
It's about time, I must say. This country is descending into the depths of a modern-day Babel, but in our time this Babel has a population that's completely armed and uniformly dangerous because of a rise in illiteracy and willful ignorance, not to mention a willingness to believe any propaganda promulgated by anyone with a nasty temper and no brains.
Something needs to happen to save us from ourselves. This Knight initiative is a great start.
One of the nation's former media giants, E.W. Scripps, said of his newspapers, If we give the people light, they will find the way. It's probably no longer good enough to shine a light in the darkness and hope people will grope their way to a door or window. Somebody's gotta fix the lightbulb.
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