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Bury that smile!

It's no laughing matter, this thing that is happening to clowns.
This thing is "It." "It" is a  movie about clowns based on a novel by Stephen King, so you know that said clowns are not the heroes.
Indeed, they are so loathsome that real clowns, whatever that means, are angry about the depictions of them as scary.
Are clowns really scary?
Joe Queenan, writing in The Wall Street Journal, that answering this question poses the old conundrum: Which came first, the scary clown or the fear of the clown?
I decided to ask our resident clown expert, Emily McDonald, who is our children's librarian.
She said we had Bonzo The Clown as a performer last summer, and Silly Sparkles this summer.
Emily went with Silly this year because "she was less creepy."
But, she said, children don't find clowns scary at all.
Their parents do.
I guess they'll be happy to submit to being frightened when they pay $10 or $12 to see Stephen King's animation of their fears.
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