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Printing body parts?

As a society we're still a little bit away from printing entire human beings on 3-D printers.
That may be the vision of film-makers and authors of dystopian novels, but the reality is not quite so glamorous or terrible, depending on your viewpoint.
The Wall Street Journal had a nice article on the state of medical 3-D printing, and the experts acknowledged that while strides have been made in the making of individual bones and bone systems and even skin, the processes are expensive and complicated and not altogether 100 percent satisfactory.
You can bet that costs will come down and processes will get simpler and less cumbersome.
Will we ever see a printed 3-D human?
We might see the superstructure, but there's more to a human being than bone and skin and muscle, etc.
Want to build a good human? Start witih the mind and work backwards. To start with the mind, start with a good book.
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