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I'm afraid that's the state of the modern-day cookbook: Fried.
As in Done For. Dead. Kaput.
We probably have a hundred boxes of cookbooks that have been donated to the library for our annual Friends book sale on Oct. 21 and 22. I bet we don't sell one-tenth of them.
People don't want them; thus they bring them to us in the sad hopes that we can unload them for pennies on the dollar.
I don't think so.
Google has undone the cookbook more surely than it has undone anything else.
Maybe I'm wrong. But, I don't use cookbooks at all when I'm looking for a recipe. I Google my ingredients or my main protein.
I bet you do, too.
Still, if you're old school, you will have plenty, plenty of cookbooks to choose from at the sale. Bring a big box. And then don't bring them back.
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