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Premature demise

The conventional wisdom is that traditional printed books are on the way out, and ebooks are on the way in.
Maybe that was the case 10 years ago. But no more.
The Wall Street Journal's Zeke Turner reports this week from Frankfurt, Germany, that ebook sales last year were off 17 percent from the year before, and that is a trend, not just a one-year blip.
Publishers, meeting in Frankfurt, were thus enthusiastic about the prospects, and are upping their press runs and also concentrating on quality of the physical books they publish (not necessarily the quality of the ideas between the covers). 
We shall get a somewhat limited gauge of the interest in real books this weekend at our annual Friends of the Library sale over at the Chapel in the Hills. Thousands of books will be on sale ove there at bare-bones prices. Will people buy them?
Two observations: In the past, books have sold very well at the annual event. But, we seem to have more books available this year than ever before, and that means people with the books gave more away so they could be sold.
So, we shall have to wait and see.
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