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Teach the children well

It's a darn good series of questions: Where do students get news? What do they know about where they get their news? How do they know it's news they're getting?
Michelle Croft and Raeal Moore set out to answer some of those questions when they posed some of them to students who took the ACT test this year across the country. Students were asked where they got news, how accurate they thought their sources were and what they did to make sure that the accuracy ws actually attained.
The results were mixed. Students knew about traditional sources such as The New York Times and Washington Post, but they were also accustomed to using nontraditional sources with more questionable sets of values, such as honesty and fairness.
Sources clearly on the fringes were also cited.
There is evidence here, then, that there is work to be done by educators in pointing students toward sources that are dependable and reputable and trustworthy. Is that in the Texas public school curriculum somewhere?
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