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Brain food

A patron who read my blog on Monday asked about where you might find classes or courses to get microcertification.
I had mentioned the need of a friend to update his skills in certain areas and also to be able to prove that he had done so in a job-interview setting. A certificate is an easy thing to include with a resume or to hand over to an interviewer, and it does carry some cache if from a reputable place.
My suggestion to the inquiry was that she check out the offerings on Coursera.org. This is a portal to college-level classes on 1,800 subjects from hundreds of universities around the world. Some of the courses are for specialization certification and some are just for one's own edification.
I have taken seven or eight Coursera.org courses this past year, and I found them all very worthwhile.
Perhaps the most interesting was a course called "Big History" offered by a university in Australia. I also took a course in the U.S. Constitution from a professor at Yale, and a course in physics from a professor at the Universitiy of Virginia.
I do highly recommend these courses for people who want to update or expand their fields of knowledge, especially retirees who don't want to go to class but want a challenge. The courses are all free and offered online.
Check them out here.
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