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Why students don't like ebooks

Every single book my wife reads is downloaded on her Kindle. None of mine are. I have a Kindle, but she uses it, too.
I can't put my finger on the exact reason why I don't like to use the Kindle. I just don't.
It happens that some academic folks in Sweden have polled students in that country's universities to find out why they don't download more books onto their iPhones or Kindles or whatnot.
Caroline Myrberg of Karolinska Instituetet of Sweden werote in UKSG Journal that students reported problems with eye strain, distractions, lack of functionality and complications in trying to download materials that are available through Digital Rights Management protocols. She recommends that students get better reading devices but also that libraries continue to buy real books as well as ebooks, and that they buy books that are not under the DRM protocol at all.
I'm surprised by the findings, frankly. I figured that by now, students would have figured out the best way to use ebooks because they were forced to do so. Maybe not, and maybe that's OK.
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