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Retailers across America couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving to start the Christmas season.
Neither could we.
Thus, we pulled all our Christmas movies out of the closet and there they sit out front of the circulation desk ready for you to pick one up and take it home and get really immersed in seasonal cheer.
People are already checking them out.
I am not and probably will not.
I've burned out on just about any Christmas movie you can think of, but in particular I have seen it so many times that I will never again watch "It's a Wonderful Life." I will not watch anything with Scrooge in it. No Chipmunks. No Charlie Brown. No Grinch. No Little Drummer Boy.
If you love all those things, I don't disparage that. I wish you well and holiday cheer and merry ha-ha, etc.
I just can't bear to watch.
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