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Listen up!

It seems intuitive: Taking notes in college classes with a laptop will make you a better student.
It's not.
Actually, new research shows that students who take notes in classes using a laptop do worse.
If he'd thought about it, Daniel Kahneman, who wrote "Thinking, Slow and Fast," would probably have made this point before anyone thought to research it. That's because what goes into a laptop during a college lecture does not also go into the brain that's directing the typing.
I mean, you can type without thinking. I know. I have done it.
So, it's entirely possible to translate a lecture into a Word document during a class and never understand or comprehend a word of it. You're just a robot.
Robots don't tend to do well on tests.
And they don't graduate from college.
Don't be a robot. Put down the laptop. Take up the pen and paper. Succeed!
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