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Agenda – WVL Building Committee

WVL Building Committee
Thursday September 24, 2020
10am via Zoom

1. Discuss the project manager job description
2. Update from Dennis on our thermometer
3. Update on any City or County progress

Agenda – WVL Building Committee


Building Committee Meeting

Wimberley Village Library

Thursday, September 17, 2020 @ 10am

Via Zoom


Update on Hays County Issuance of Certificates of Obligation

Update on City of Wimberley approval of replat

Discuss RFQ procedure for design/build team


2020 August Board Meeting Minutes


August13, 2020 1:00 p.m.
ZOOM Videoconference meeting
This notice is posted pursuant to § 551.041 of the Texas Open Meetings Act (TX Gov. Code Ann. Ch. 551)
PRESENT: Trustees, Dell Hood, Patrick Cox, Sharon Criswell, Aileen Edgington, Carol Sicuro; Treasurer, Sharon Drobeck; Library Director, Carolyn Manning
1. Call to Order – President Hood called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM
2. Public comment – None
3. Approval of Minutes – The Board accepted the July 9, 2020 meeting minutes by unanimous consent.
4. Special Reports
a. Treasurer – (filed) Treasurer Drobeck’s report stated the following:
1. Financial Position through July 2020 reflects:
Checking/Savings of $861,289;
Current Long-Term Liabilities of $70,539, NOTE: this amount includes $30,000 representing the
current portion of Long-Term debt for a 5-year, non-interest bearing, note for land purchase land purchase.
Liabilities: consist of: Payroll Liabilities; Gifts (Friends of the Library, gifts for specific use and specified Library programs)
2. Statements of Activities report shows that the monthly net income of $11,123 compares favorably to the budgeted net loss of $(2,774) for July.
Income items of note: Sales tax revenue received was 26.6% ($14,081) more than that budgeted. The budget is based on prior year experience. Expense line item differences are generally timing in nature.
On a year-to-date basis, net income is $156,780 compared to budgeted net income of $41,975. This difference is due to the favorable increase in sales tax revenues and actual expenses being less than estimated in the budget to date.
3. Sales Tax deposit for August (Jun sales) will be $87,415. This is an increase of 30% from the same period last year.
5. Staff and Board Reports
a. Board
i. Correspondence – None
b. Library Director – (filed) Director Manning shared the following:
Collection – Nori is overseeing the annual inventory. She is assisted by one of the volunteers who come in weekly.

Wimberley Village Library Board of Trustees August 13, 2020 pg. 2
Programming – Although a successful Summer program has ended with children and teens participating. Children and Teens 273 Prizes 703
Books read 3394
Emily created a brochure titled, Sponsor Impact Report, detailing all three summer programs. Kathleen has facilitated several virtual programs for adult chair yoga, gardening, and Anna has reached out to our local birding group for advice on setting up a bird cam that can live stream birds feeding on/at a library-themed bird feeder. The birders are excited about helping and Anna has already met with IT to find out pricing and logistics.
Service Contracts – August 12, 2020 was the last day to accept bids for service contracts. A decision will be ready by August 17, 2020. Awarded contract recipients will be notified by August 21, 2020.
Phased Opening Changes – The grab-and- go model is still in effect and will continue indefinitely. One change is to allow patrons to use the 15-minute stand up computer. The Library has worked with IT to ensure the computer may be used for 15-minutes ONLY! After the allotted time, patrons will be cut off. This is to help with computer “abuse” issues. Also, specific protocols are to be in place for distancing and sanitation of the equipment.
Computer Use – Fall phased programming will continue. One change is to include patron 15-minute use off standing computers. IT has been contacted to ensure computer time ends after 15 minutes of use.
Personnel – Director Manning met with individual staff in August/September as part of the employee check-in or evaluation for the year. Discussion centers around job duties, personal goals, job performance. This review usually takes place three times a year. Due to the Corona-19 virus, this has only taken place two times this year.
Facility – Several posts on the back porch were replaced due to rot.
c. Trustee Election Status Report – According to Trustee Sicuro, the following have been completed:
o Posting of candidate filing notice June 18, 202
o Contacted Hays Co. for Contract and Agreement July 9, 2020
o Filing for a place on the ballot July 20-August 17,2020
d. Library Foundation – Trustee Edgington reported the following:
o Developed a letter to major donors to thank them for their generosity.
o Continuing the Wimberley News and Views articles, giving the community a broad look at the responses from some of our supporters and their views about libraries.
o Updated the logo from, “Support Library 2.0”, to say, “Help us serve you better”
o Transitioned from Network for Good to Kindful. This change allows for more personalized communication with donors.
Wimberley Village Library Board of Trustees August 13, 2020 pg. 3
o Reassignment of Carroll Wilson’s role on the Foundation Board has from Development Coordinator to freelance writer and Marketing Consultant.
e. Building Committee – Trustee Edgington provided the following updates:
o Allen Westerman of SAMCO Capital agreed to meet with Hays County Bond Attorney and Financial Officer regarding the process of issuing certificates of obligation to finance construction.
o Replat approval of the properties by the City of Wimberley stalled due to a need of an engineer’s statement regarding about drainage of the plat.
o Commissioner Lon Shell participated in the latest committee meeting and provided more information regarding Allen Westerman’s role and the county’s role with the issuance of a Certificate of Obligation (COO). The task is to develop language between the two entities.
o Hays County is to lease the property to Wimberley Village Library to lease the property y until the debt is paid.
o Dennis Lee has contacted Mr. Westerman requesting the specific language for the Certificate of Obligation. The goal is to develop specific language between the two entities.
o The County will take ownership of the library loan until after the loan has been repaid.
6. Discussion/Action items a. Review/accept in principle contact with SAMCO Capital o Dennis Lee has been in touched with Allen Westerman regarding the cost structure and contract fees. Who is the contract with, Westerman or SAMCO? Waiting for further information from A. Westerman. b. City, Hays County issues, response o Engineer, Tom Hegemier, is providing engineering assistance for plat approval. He has had difficulty in contacting City Manager, Shawn Cox, regarding the issue. o President Hood is still waiting on the City and County to carry through with their responsibilities before signing any contract for a Certificates of Obligation. o President Hood requested that Treasurer Drobeck pay off the debt to the Johnson family and obtain clear title to the property by the end of September. 7. Announcements – Election report, SAMCO and Hays County developments, review the three resolutions related to the pandemic, form budget committee
8. Adjournment – President Hood adjourned the meeting at 1:43 PM
Recorded by Zoom and written record by Carol Sicuro, Secretary
NOTE: The Board may meet in closed session on any item above as authorized by the TX Open Meetings Act, TX Gov. Code Ann. Ch. 551.

Agenda – WVL Building Committee

Agenda for WVL Building Committee

September 10, 2020




Discussion of thermometer sign to show progress of expansion


Report of County progress on Certificates of Obligation


Report of engineering statement for replat with City of Wimberley


Further discussion of solar, one water, and clean air for expansion


September 2020 Agenda




Thursday, September 10, 2020   1:00 p.m.

Zoom videoconference

This notice is posted pursuant to § 551.041 of the Texas Open Meetings Act (TX Gov. Code Ann. Ch. 551)

  1. Call to Order


  1. Public Comment


  1. Approval of Minutes: August meeting (Carol)


  1. Special Reports
    1. Treasurer (Sharon)
    2. Friends of Library (Dennis)
    3. Library Foundation (Aileen)


  1. Staff and Board Reports
    1. Board
      1. Correspondence (Carol)
    2. Library Director (Carolyn)
    3. Building Committee (Aileen)


  1. Discussion & Action items (Any discussion item may be subject to Board action)
    1. Elections procedures (declaration of unopposed election; cancelation of election contract with Hays County Elections Administrator – Carol)
    2. Extend three pandemic resolutions to 10/31/2020
    3. Expansion: County developments; approve contract with Westermans/SAMCO; approve contract with Stephanie Leibe/Norton Rose Fulbright for legal services; City zoning/subdivision status.


  1. Announcements
  2. October agenda items: Appoint 2020 budget committee; Preliminary staff reviews; status of COO; Combined Boards meeting.


  1. Adjournment


NOTE:  The Board may meet in closed session on any item above as authorized by the TX Open Meetings Act, TX Gov. Code   Ann. Ch. 551.

Agenda – WVL Building Committee


Wimberley Village Library Building Committee

September 3, 2020

Progress on inter-local agreement with Hays County

Progress on replat approval by City of Wimberley

Report on PEC and solar power potential for the expansion

Agenda – WVL Building Committee Meeting


August 27, 2020


Discuss  meeting with TD Industries staff.


Update on Hays County Court approval of CoO’s


Update on City of Wimberley approval of replat


Discuss process to fully understand the idea of design build and the requirements of RFQ’s


Agenda – WVL Building Committee


August 13, 2020 by Zoom

Passcode for meeting: 7829263075


Update on City of Wimberley approval of replat.


Update on Hays County approval of Certificates of Obligation


Update on Clean Air for expansion