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Why Crafting Is Good For You

I’ll let you in on a secret…creating handmade crafts have the ability to make you relaxed and happy!

If you have ever lost track of time while working with your hands then you have experienced a form of meditation.  Making handmade items is inconsistent with anxiety, anger, and depression.  Working with your hands, helps you concentrate on what’s in front of you and can distract you from everyday pressures and problems.  Craft-making is a stress buster.

Crafting can be your alone time activity or it can be a time to enjoy with your friends.  Craft-making can be economical and it can also be a pricey activity.  One size doesn’t fit all.  The flexibility of craft-making is part of its universal appeal.

Humans are creative beings and expressing ourselves through handwork is an artistic and likely a spiritual imperative.  Craft-making allows us to connect to our inner artist as well as the craft community at large.  With so many positive reasons to craft why not start today?

Pat Galvin is the Craft Services Librarian and hosts Craft LAB, a weekly adult class held via Zoom on Wednesdays at 6 PM.  For more information go to the Wimberley Village Library website and under the programs tab click Adult Craft LAB.  Contact Pat Galvin 512-847-2188 ext. 110 or email:  craftservices@wimberleylibrary.org


Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


A monthly virtual program to connect and chat with our wonderful Wimberley authors.

Get to know them, their books, and let them share with you their love for books, reading, and of course, writing!

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


This is a virtual zoom class that will meet twice a week for two weeks. Kyle will incorporate an online class with Google classroom to guide Teens through new coding concepts with fun, challenging projects.

The class will include access to supplemental information.

Class dates and times:

Tuesday, June 22: 10-12

Thursday, June 24: 10-12

Tuesday, June 29: 10-12

Thursday, July 1: 10-12

If a teen needs to take the class on a laptop in the library, arrangements can be made.

Class size is limited. Contact Anna to register: teenservices@wimberleylibrary.org


Join us for an outdoor, drop-in event! We’ll have a tie-dye station set up at the library for Tweens/Teens 9-17 to tie-dye!

We’ll have some bandanas, scarves, pillowcases, and tote bags to dye, but the event is B.Y.O.T (bring your own t-shirt… or anything else you may want to tie dye)

Questions? Contact Anna: teenservices@wimberleylibrary.org

Why I Love the Library

There is a library down the street from my parent’s house but we never went there because of the city zoning. In order to check out books, we would have to pay a yearly fee or go to the library in another town. My mom would take me to a used bookstore or to the thrift store to purchase books. I was always so excited when the scholastic book fair came to my school because I could finally get my hands on new books. I borrowed books from friends constantly because I wanted to know about all of the new books they had and I wanted to be a part of the discussion. I would go sit at the library and admire all of the books and when I was in high school I even borrowed my friend’s library card to check out books. I went to the library book sales so often I signed up for the email list and was ready to go every time there was a sale. When I moved to San Marcos, I discovered my love for the library for the first time. I went a little crazy and checked out as many books as I could fit into my bag. I had never had so many books in the back seat of my car or finished so many books in one week because of the freedom that the library gave me. When I moved to Wimberley, the first thing I did was stop by the library and get a library card. I had such a joyous feeling being in the library and being able to talk to the staff and people who care about books as much as I do. When COVID started I was worried about how to make myself known in the community and how to get my hands on new titles that everyone was talking about. The Wimberley Village Library came up with a plan even amidst the craziness of the pandemic and I was able to check out books that helped everything to feel normal. I started working at the library in September at the circulation desk and got to know the people in the community in a new and exciting way. I got to talk to patrons about books and the way they’ve connected with them in a way I had never done before. I am now the children’s librarian and I have read and learned so much. It is so delightful to talk to kids about what they’re reading and see how reading is shaping them. I love being able to check out books, talk to patrons, and really feel like I belong to the community. I love how the library holds so much information and so much of the heart of the community.

Veronica Leal is our Youth Librarian. Contact her at: youthservices@wimberleylibrary.org or (512) 847-2188 ext.102


Categories featured in this sale include:

Fiction, Children’s, Young Adult, Hobbies, Animals/Pets, Gardening, Cooking, and more.

More pop-up sales to come!

Check the library monthly for details on upcoming sales with new titles & categories.

Book Prices: Hardbacks – $1   Paperbacks – .50 cents   Games/Puzzles – $1.00     Other selected items priced as marked.

Come browse our selection of previously loved titles!